Create a mailing list

Sending out lots of cards to your nearest and dearest (and even those long lost friends) can sometimes be a bit of a chore. But we’re here to help.

How do I use the Mailing List tool?
Only the very virtuous keep their address books in perfect order, the rest of us have to do a little maintenance each year. There’s no avoiding this but once it’s out of the way, sending cards by mailing list couldn’t be easier.

To get your contacts and addresses in order, you can either:

  • Use addresses you have previously entered into your Moonpig address book
  • Enter new addresses into a very simple online form
  • If you’re well practiced with spreadsheets, you can enter your addresses into an Excel spreadsheet and then upload your spreadsheet to Moonpig. Our Customer Service team will do the rest and contact you within 24 hours of you sending the file. (n.b. You will need to follow some basic rules to build spreadsheet, so please click here before you start).

If you’re starting from scratch, we’d recommend entering all the addresses into the online form. It’s much quicker and you’ll be able to place your order as soon as you’ve completed the mailing list process. Just click on the big button to the left of this page titled 'Create a mailing list'.

Once you’ve organised your addresses, just click ‘Next Step’ and go through the normal card selection and customisation process. During the process, look out for prompts to include ‘mail merge fields’. For example if you choose the ‘Firstname’ mail merge field and insert this on the front of the card, we will print one card for each of your contacts with their first name in the right place on the front of the card. Genius!

You do get a chance to preview each card during the process. If you have any problems, just call our customer service team (on 0845 4500 100), who are ready to help.