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Personalised Olde Worlde Rude Birthday Cards


Zootherkins Another Year Older Funny Birthday Card
You Lazy Lubbewort Funny Birthday Card
Funny And Rude Blunderbuss Birthday Card
Funny Shakespearean Old Age Birthday Card
My Dearest Dunderhead Funny Birthday Card
Happy Birth Dizzle You Total Pizzle Funny Birthday Card
Funny And Rude Cheers You Drunkard Birthday Card
Funny And Rude Swearing Birthday Card
Lovey-dovey birthday greetings are all well and good, but if you really want to show your loved ones how much you care, there’s nothing more poetic than a carefully-chosen insult. We asked the queen of words (and swears) Susie Dent from Countdown to come up with a bunch of ye olde ways for us to be a little bit rude for our birthdays. After digging into the historical dictionary archives, Susie unearthed a host of new swears and we transformed these literary masterpieces into a line of tongue-in-cheek birthday cards.