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Cake Cards

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Just in time for everyone’s yearly obsession with baking to return, we’re serving up five edible birthday cards featuring Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle, Battenberg, chocolate cake and Swiss roll flavours. Not a soggy bottom in sight. T&Cs apply.

More Cards (Don’t Eat These Ones...)

Whether you’re making someone loaf out loud or moving them to tiers, we’ve also got plenty of - non-edible but equally tempting - cards for the cake lover in your life.

Laura Darrington Illustrated Birthday Cake Birthday Card
Traditional Illustrated Floral Birthday Cake Card
Happy Birthday To You Cake Slice Card
Folio We heard there was cake Dogs Birthday Card
Blowing On Cakes Covid19 Birthday Card
Birthday Card - Birthday Cake Card
Colourful Happy Birthday Cake With Sprinkles Card
Colourful And Bright Cupcakes Personalised Happy Birthday Card
Photographic Birthday Cake Make A Wish Birthday Card
Happy birthday card for her - cake and cocktails
Happy Cake Day Card
Personalised Birthday Card For Mum
Edward Monkton Secret of Cake birthday card with verse
Rainbow Eat Cake Personalised Birthday Card
Colourful Dinosaur Happy Birthday Cake With Sprinkles Card
Happy Birthday Floral Cake Card
Pretty Pastel Cake Happy Birthday Card
Tatty Teddy Birthday Card
Nature's Way Of Telling You To Eat More Cake Personalised Birthday Card
Striped Oh Yes Cake Personalised Happy Birthday Card

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