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Funny cards and rude cards
Everyone loves to have a bit of a laugh, yes even the grumpiest of us. We all have a funny bone, so why not explore it? We have a great range of funny cards and rude cards for all occasions, turning that frown upside down.

Our funny cards cover a wide variety of humour, from slapstick, to naughty and traditional gag cards. Far from making someone feel over the hill if they are of a certain age, give them a funny birthday card and make them giggle on their birthday. If a friend is feeling down send them a funny greeting card to brighten up their day. If they are a real grump and need a reason to crack a smile, or if they just love a laugh, why not add one of our funny gifts from our mug and t-shirt range. Have a giggle going through our range and choose the perfect funny cards and rude cards for all occasions.