birthday and event reminders

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It’s only January, but you’ve already got Christmas 2020 sorted. Your friends and family rely on you to plan all the get-togethers and you ace it every time. You take pride in showing your loved ones just how well you know them and love them. Picking out the perfect birthday gift is your favourite hobby and you always know just what to get, but sometimes all of your on-top-of-it-ness can be overwhelming for you, and especially others.

Your reason to set Reminders:

Sounds like you need to take a load off. Leave some of the planning to Moonpig’s Reminders. Set them up for all your special occasions, and clear that space in your brain for other important activities. Then, a week before it’s time to celebrate each occasion, we’ll send you an email so you’ve got the perfect amount of time to pick out the perfect card and gift.

When you set six reminders, you'll get an exclusive 20% off Cards voucher with each one!