What’s your planning personality? Take our quiz to find out!

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Planning. Everyone’s got a different approach. Some people plan in their sleep. Literally. Some brave souls leave it entirely to chance. And although it usually all works out in the end, we’ve got some helpful tips — for those whose greatest thrill is planning the perfect party, as well as those who show up fashionably late — to make planning a piece of cake. Keen to know where you stand in the world of diaries, calendars and to-do lists? Take our quiz to find out your planning personality!


1. Your alarm goes off in the morning. You are...

A. Already awake! There’s so much to accomplish today, plus, I can sleep when I’m dead.

B. Pressing snooze at least once, but I’ll still get out the door on time. No sweat.

C. Snoozing! I’ll rise when my body is good and ready.


2. Your organisational weapon of choice is…

A. My multiple digital and IRL diaries, all colour coded, alphabetised and with a glossary of terms attached. I am one with my diaries. I love them like my children.

B. My memory. Alright, I’ll write down the date of your wedding but the rest I’ll just trust myself to remember. We did have dinner plans next Wednesday, right?

C. Wait, there’s a calendar app on this phone? Neat. Asking for a friend, what month are we in?


3. Your approach to friends’ birthdays is…

A. I was born ready. I wish them a happy birthday at one minute past midnight every year without fail. Without. Fail.

B. I only rely on Facebook 74% of the time to give me a nudge when my friends are ageing, which is pretty good if you ask me.

C. I assume everyone was born on a leap year so if I remember their birthday once every four years, I’m doing well.


4. Your To-Do list is…

A. Planned down to a T. I add things just for the satisfaction of crossing them off.

B. Neeeeearly halfway completed. I’ll get there...eventually...one day.

C. To-Do list? More like Go-Do-One list.


5. When you head to the shops, you…

A. Have got meals planned for each day this week. No one loves meal-prepping more than I do!

B. Have a list of the same stuff I usually buy. Why break from routine?

C. Buy dinner for tonight. Who knows what I’ll be in the mood for tomorrow, so there’s no point even worrying about it.


6. You’re meeting a friend for dinner tonight. You…

A. Picked a restaurant that’s easy for us both to get to, made reservations and already know what I’m ordering.

B. Have decided on a restaurant we both like. Hopefully it’s not too busy, but there are other options nearby.

C. Uhhhhh. Pub?


7. The word, ‘planning’ brings to mind a sense of…

A. Look. I do this in my sleep, OK? Planning IS life.

B. Calm. It’s such a relief when I actually get to do it!

C. Ew, yucky.

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