Is It Illegal To Eat Mince Pies On Christmas Day?

And, The Other Weird Questions Everyone Googles At Christmas

questions people ask google at christmas

Christmas is on the horizon, and our anticipation for the 25th of December is bubbling away nicely. Whilst most of you are pondering which trimmings to rustle up for this year’s dinner or drawing up our Christmas cards list, we’ve been searching for answers to some of Christmas’s most weird and wonderful questions.

Using search engine tool SEMrush, we’ve sourced ten of the most obscure questions that people Google in the run-up to Christmas. And, as experts in Christmas, we challenged ourselves to answer them.

Is Nando’s Open Christmas Day?

I mean, we all love a cheeky Nandos – but on Christmas Day? Granted, if Dad burns the turkey (again), or your pet labrador seizes on an opportunity when your Mum’s back is turned, Nando’s would be the first place we’d head for a last minute alternative too. Either that, or families up and down the country are abdoning Christmas’ culinary tradition in favour of a peri-peri special. Still, if you’re looking to supplement or substitute turkey and all the trimmings for some succulent, spicy chicken, then you’re bang out of luck. The restaurants are closed on Christmas Day, but you will find them open on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

is nandos open on christmas day?

How Many Nanoseconds Till Christmas?

This really taking the idea of the countdown to Christmas to the extreme. Days and hours – fine. Minutes and seconds – bit out there, but sure why not. But nanoseconds – really? You wouldn’t even be able to keep up with countdown. Pre-warning, this number is going to be a big one.

For starters, there are 60,000,000,000 (or 60 billion) nanoseconds in a single minute. So, you just need to multiply the number of minutes until Christmas by 60 billion.Using the 1st of December as an example, multiplying 34,560 minutes by 60 billion will tell us how many nanoseconds there are until Christmas from that date. The answer: 20,736,000,000,000,000,000 nanoseconds until Christmas. Easy, we didn’t even need a calculator for that one.

How Many Heartbeats Till Christmas?

Much like those asking how many nanoseconds there are until Santa arrives, we’re not entirely sure why some of us are compelled to know how many times our heart will beat before the big day either. I guess this sort of depends on when you’re asking this question, but the formula remains the same.

According to NHS UK, a “normal” resting heart rate is between 60 and 100bpm (beats per minutes). If we take the middle ground at 80bpm, you can then multiply that by how many minutes it is until Christmas. As an example, from midnight on the 1st of December there are 34,560 minutes until Christmas Day (1,440 minutes per day x 24 days until 00:00 on the 25th). Multiply 34,560 by 80 and you get the answer: 2,764,800 heartbeats. After all that, your heart will deserve a nice relaxing Christmas.

how many heartbeats till christmas?

Is It Illegal To Eat Mince Pies On Christmas Day?

Do you spend Christmas with a police officer who has a particularly strict interpretation of British Law? Better make sure you cram those mince pies down when their back is turned... Or not. Legend goes that in Oliver Cromwell’s England, mince pies and Christmas puddings were banned during festive celebrations as a means to curb a gluttonous society. The people of Kent were particularly outraged by this ruling. In 1648, they took to the streets of Canterbury to voice their disgust, in what is fittingly known as the “Plum Pudding Riots”. Honestly. The ban was lifted when Charles II’s reign began in 1660, helping us to file this particular Christmas question under “myth”.

What To Get A Picky Mother-In-Law For Christmas?

We sense some frustrated son-in-laws in this particular question. If they are especially picky, you might be better off asking your partner for help. Alternatively, (and you didn’t get this from us), you could plump for a shareable item that would just go down perfectly on Christmas. Got a gin or prosecco-loving Mother-In-Law? Buy her a personalised bottle and subtly ask if she wants to open it on the day – you’ll be needing more than one glass. Whatever it is she likes, you’re sure to find the perfect Christmas gift in our range.

How To Get A Christmas Card From The Royal Family?

This one had us stumped a little. As far as our research could tell, there’s no Royal initiative in place that sends Christmas cards out to members of the public. You can, of course, get a birthday or anniversary message, but only after you hit 100 years-old or 60 years of marriage. So to answer this question, your only option is to become best mates with the Queen and work your way onto her Christmas card list.

how to get a christmas card from the royal family

Can A Dry Christmas Tree Spontaneously Combust?

Whilst it’s true they do contain flammable materials, Christmas trees aren’t just going to burst into flames at will. At times though, common sense can abandon us humans – particularly after a few down the local pub. It should go without saying, but be sure not to approach a Christmas tree with a lit candle in one hand and lighter in the other. Be careful where you place, and what you place near, your Christmas tree and you can ensure a safe Christmas for you and your family.

Can You Take Christmas Crackers On A Plane?

I’m not sure how much your fellow passengers would appreciate it if you started pulling crackers at 30,000 feet, and airlines appear to take a similarly cautious approach. Some airlines will accept them in your checked-in luggage, but some don’t – so be sure to check first. If you’re off to America however, think again. Christmas crackers are prohibited due to their flammable nature.

can you take christmas crackers on a plane?

How To Build A Beer Can Christmas Tree?

A novel way to save your beer cans, we’re going to redirect any would-be builders of a beer can Christmas tree to Pinterest, where there are some outstanding examples of people taking a load of their beer cans and stacking them in a festive, tree-like manner.

Can I Refuse To Work Christmas Day?

Christmas is a time for family, and no one wants to spend the big day toiling away at work. Most of us are lucky enough to have the day to spend at home, but some of us are less fortunate. According to the government’s Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), the only way you could refuse to work on Christmas Day is if it specifically states in your employment contract that you can have that day off (the same goes for any public holiday).

can i refuse to work christmas day?

How To Get To Sleep Fast On Christmas Eve?

This is one that has plagued us for years. The excitement of leaping out of bed early on Christmas morning and rushing downstairs never leaves some of us. To help you get a good night’s rest this Christmas Eve, we’d suggest tiring yourself out during the day. Get up early, do some exercise and generally remain active to avoid late night tossing and turning. When it comes to bedtime, keep phones and tablets away. If all else fails, you always lean on that old classic method and count some Christmas reindeers.

How Many Brussel Sprouts Are Eaten At Christmas?

This is a tough one to nail down, with no clear single figure for how many of those divisive mini cabbages we get through each Christmas. We found one claim that the average reveller consumes 14 each Christmas – this would total 918,960,000 sprouts for the entire UK population just at Christmas time. Whilst Asda claim to sell 140 million sprouts in their stores in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, the South Yorkshire town of Barnsley appear to get through the most. In 2015 Morrisons released data regional data on sprouts sold throughout the year. Barnsley came top, throwing 1,389,440 sprouts in their trolleys that calendar year.

Can I Put My Christmas Tree Up In November?

It’s the eternal question, isn’t it? One that divides homes and offices up and down the country every Christmas. If you want to apply some logic to your decision, perhaps the best place to begin is with Advent. In 2018, this starts on Sunday 2nd December. This does come with its own complications, however. Come the 25th December, a real Christmas tree will have shed a lot of needles – so you may need to push further into December if you want your tree to be fresh come the big day. The National Christmas Tree Association (yep, it exists) recommend around the 10th as the ideal time to be putting up your tree. Ultimately though, your house, your rules – so put it up when you like.

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