Five Ways To Seriously Love Bigger This Valentine’s Day

valentine's day luxury flower bouquet

luxury red roses

You know when people are in love, and they say they want to scream it from the rooftops? That’s what loving bigger is all about. Well, not exactly. Because climbing onto a roof would be rather dangerous (like, please don’t), but the idea of proclaiming your love, unashamedly, loudly and in a big, big way. That’s what Love Bigger means.

It’s about being bold and not being afraid to show your passion for someone. And it’s about being open to all interpretations of love - because when you think about it, everyone’s relationships are totally unique, like snowflakes or fingerprints. So let’s celebrate that this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s toast to all kinds of love, and to our husbands, wives, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, kids, parents, friends, even pets! Let’s hoot and holler for our nearest and dearest who we’re so lucky to have in our lives.

Here are 5 ways to whoop it up for your loved ones this year:

The Valentine's Day Card. Duh.

The Valentine's Day card is like, THE most important thing on 14 February. It’s the perfect place to recap your romantic escapades and set the mood (yeah, you know what we mean) for the evening. Or, you can use it to tell someone how thankful you are to have them as a friend, brother, lap-warmer (we’re looking at you, cat people). And if you want to give this whole “Love Bigger” thing a try, send them one of our GIANT cards. They’re 42 cm tall. Also can be turned into a fort for your kitty cat.

The Valentine's Day Flowers, Of Course...

Ugh. If someone brought us fresh Valentine’s Day flowers, we’d never complain about anything again. Honest. OK, fine. Yes, we would. Complaining is our second favourite hobby next to smelling flowers. But if we had a beautiful bouquet of 24 Red Roses, we’d be too busy inhaling their sweet perfume to whine. (Ooh, wine...)

Valentine's Day... MMMMMMM Chocolate

Yes, obviously. Because chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like… chocolate… and… Valentine’s... Day...? Smooth, creamy, delicious. Chocolate is a no brainer. 

Valentine's Day Bubbly

Did someone say prosecco? More like pro-SEXY. (Sorry. So sorry) But if you’re celebrating love, you might as well pop a bottle of your favourite champagne or prosecco. Cheers to that!

But Not Least, A Unique & Thoughtful Valentine's Gift

Because when it comes down to it, everyone loves a Tatty Teddy. Seriously, though. The key word here is thoughtful. It’s important that your gift comes from the heart and really means something to your relationship. Sometimes a soft teddy is just that - especially for couples who can’t be together all the time. Maybe your gift’s got something to do with an inside joke. Or maybe you plan to mix their favourite Sipsmith cocktail. Whatever you choose, the gift ain’t gonna count unless it’s got the heart behind it.

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