Meet Our Card Design Manager Holly Sims

moonpig card designer holly sims

How did you start working for Moonpig?

I created a card range with a company called Paperlink (interestingly enough, a company that we work with here at Moonpig). That collaboration is what first got my work noticed here. I’ve been designing cards just after I left university and have been here ever since, and now I’m a Design Manager.

Tell us, what’s different about being a Design Manager?

Having been a designer and illustrator for many years, I’ve actually found it a fun challenge to move into the more strategic side of design. Anything from photo upload templates to beautifully illustrated cards, I plan and brief all the in-house ranges that we have on the site. I still design a lot of cards, as we’re a small team and work to ensure we have all the ranges our customers could ever want. And, let’s not forget about all the spreadsheets I manage to ensure we keep track of the hundreds of personalised cards we create each season.

How do you go about creating a new range?

Before we start working on new cards, we look at trends, what we currently have missing on the site, and go from there. I also chat with the design team about their inspiration, we do a bunch of research, collate our ideas, and start throwing design ideas out there. We have so many trends and ideas in mind that there’s usually too little time to create them all.

What’s the best part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing a brief I’ve created come to life by one of our designers. I find it so interesting to see how they interpret the visual style, then with some of my feedback see what design comes to life. I also love when customers share their cards on social media and how they’ve customised them. It’s nice to see that something you’ve designed is sitting on their shelf and making them smile.

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