Get to Know Moonpig Card Designer Chloe Allum

moonpig card designer chloe allum

There’s so much to love about Chloe’s designs. Both a designer and an illustrator, she effortlessly creates some of our most charming cards. Get the scoop on Chloe’s artwork and what it’s like to work here at Moonpig.

What made you want to become a designer?

I’ve always loved art and design, and being able to study something I consider a hobby was the ideal situation. From drawing to card making, I’ve always enjoyed craft and design in my free time and to use these skills as a designer seemed like the dream job.

So you knew what your dream role was, but then what?

I graduated in 2016 from Nottingham Trent University where I studied Graphic Design. I spent three years experimenting with the design process and found a love for hand drawn typography and illustration. I’ve tapped into this for my greeting card range here at Moonpig. Their approach to design is such good fun. Also, knowing the cards we design could be the first thing someone opens on their big day is an absolutely lovely feeling.

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Since you’ve been working at Moonpig what has most inspired your designs?

I get my inspiration from all sorts of places. I keep an eye on current trends including forecasting presentations that we receive. For licenses such as Winnie the Pooh, I attended the recent exhibition at the V&A which was super inspiring. I get colour inspo from my Pinterest boards, as well as travel photographs. This year we visited a colourful fishing village in Venice which was colour palette heaven!

For my designs, the ‘Royal Wishes’ range was inspired by the use of the word Queen in social media. It’s about celebrating individuals and embracing that today is their day, My second range, “Good Vibes” looks at the current makeup trend, which is influenced by the likes of Kylie Jenner. My sketchy illustrations sit alongside encouraging messages that create more of a ‘millennial’ style card range. I sketched all these designs in my notebook, scanned into my computer, and then digitally developed them.

Tell us a bit about working here at Moonpig.

It was so lovely arriving at Moonpig HQ and feeling immediately welcomed. We all have the freedom to research current trends, and then spend an entire week getting creative, sketching, and designing. Since my placement week I’ve learned so much about how the company works and love working in the studio where I get to create so many card ranges.

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