Get Ready to Giggle With Moonpig Card Designer Cat Noonan

moonpig card designer cat noonan

It may not be the most modest thing to say, but we’re brimming with so much talent at Moonpig HQ, and no more so than in our card design team. From drawing to paper crafting, our team of talented designers are involved in every part of the card making process. One of our most fabulous designers is the irresistibly delightful Cat Noonan, the queen of all things funny.  

How did you end up working for Moonpig?

They found me lurking around at the New Designers 2016 show where I had snuck my work into the Cambridge School of Art stand. I made a range of greetings cards for the “woefully underprepared and overly anxious graduate”. They were inspired by my greatest muse, myself. It landed me a placement week in the Moonpig studio as part of their graduate scheme and I cunningly disguised myself as a real life designer. In fact, I was so convincing that they forgot to kick me out after the week – I’m hoping they never read this and realise their mistake.

Tell us a little bit more about the ranges you’ve created for Moonpig.

I think at last count I had over 20 ranges, which I'm sure you'd love to hear all about but I'll pick some highlights. I started with Pretty Funny Words and To Be Honest, which are largely lettering based humour. I got into lettering in university after I discovered words are easier to draw than people because they don't have hands… or faces (little pro tip for you there). However, I faced my fears with my Sketchy Characters range and am proud to say I've drawn such famous faces as Kanye West, Mary Berry, and lots of dogs (because all dogs are stars). When I don't want to draw I have ranges like Good Old Fashioned Fun and Way Back When. I’ll source vintage images from an archive library called Mary Evans, which means I get to search through everything from Victorian etchings to questionable ‘60s fashion catalogues. Because trust me, there is nothing funnier than 1960s fashion.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Besides my genius wit? Everywhere really: social media, artists, books, films, or conversations with my overly competitive and funny friends. I’m pretty emotionally inept, so I like to try make cards for people who are equally bad at expressing heartfelt emotion like ‘I love you’ or ‘sorry’ or ‘you still owe me that fiver’. I get a lot of inspiration by observation, use of sarcasm, and let’s not forget about videos of pandas. I really, really love videos of pandas.

Is there anything exciting you’re working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

I can’t tell you that, are you crazy? All of my work is exciting and totally groundbreaking. In fact, other companies would kill to know what I’m up to. Remember Arthur Slugworth in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (he kept trying to steal the secret to the everlasting gobstopper)? I’m the gobstopper.

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