How to Arrange Your Christmas Flowers

Festive Flower Arranging 101

The festive season is upon us again! The tree is up, your winter socks have come out of storage and the office mince pie-eating contests are in full swing. What better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than with some extra festive, extra fancy, festive flower arrangements! (Now try saying that after one too many eggnogs.) Together with our in-house flower expert, we’ve put together a nifty little guide on getting the most out of your Christmas bouquets and creating some beautiful floral show-stoppers for your centrepieces.

What You'll Need

  • Vases/jars: think small and cute. For this arrangement, we suggest 1 large jar and 2 smaller ones
  • Scissors: to cut down the stems, you’ll need a pair of scissors or garden shears.
  • Flower food and water: we send a sachet of flower food with every bouquet, so all you’ll need to do is add water from the tap.
  • Bow or ribbon: perfect for a personal touch. For this centrepiece, we’ve gone for The Letterbox Winter Roses but the beauty of flower arranging is that you can use whatever flowers float your boat! Explore our full festive range here. 

How to Arrange Your Christmas Flowers

1. Tie your ribbon around the vase/jar. Make it look fancy.

2. Remove your flowers from the box and sort them into the different flower varieties.*

3. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle, and approximately twice the height of your vase/jar.

4. Dilute the flower food into 1 litre of water. Fill the vases/jars.

5. Start with the foliage stems, making a teepee criss-cross pattern in the vase/jar around the water. This will form the base structure of your arrangement and give the flowers a support to sit within.

6. Start adding in the flowers.

7. If the flowers are splaying out too much and leaving a hole in the centre, this means they are a little too long for the vase, so just cut a few centimetres off the bottom of the stems.

8. Now for the stars of the show. Add your roses spaced evenly in the arrangement. (Side note: we suggest to use 1-3 focal flowers for both small jars, and save the rest of the roses for the larger jar.)

9. As a final flourish add your sprigs of red berries to your arrangement.

10. Et voila! A beautiful festive arrangement perfect for your dinner table, or to adorn any shelf, coffee table or kitchen counter to make your home feel a little more Christmassy. 


*It’s worth remembering that when the flowers arrive in the letterbox they might look a little thirsty (travel can take it out of anyone), but once you cut the stems and put them in some water they’ll perk right up in a matter of hours.

Ideas for Vases

Is it cylindrical? Tick. Does it hold water? Tick. Is it cute? Tick. Well then, it looks like you’ve got yourself the perfect vessel for your Christmas flower arrangement! But in case you need a flash of inspiration, here is a list of our favourite things to use as quirky alternatives to traditional vases.

  • A jam jar: an old classic. Just make sure you’ve eaten all the jam and washed the jar first.
  • A candle pot: a lovely way to add a new lease of life once the candle has burnt out.
  • A wine bottle: now you can relive that stunning vintage by transforming the bottle into a beautiful centrepiece.
  • A mug: whether it’s an old favourite or a brand new personalised Moonpig design, mugs are the perfect shape and size for these miniature table arrangements.
  • A tin can: if you have some extra time and love a bit of craft, a painted tin can be a super cute and textured little vase. Always line the inside as they’re not always water-tight.
  • A pint glass: they’re the perfect size for flowers!

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