Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

valentines gift guide for her

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means. It’s time to shower your favourite in love, kisses and most important of all, some hella romantic presents. We’ve got something for everyone, including classic romantic gifts to sweep her off her feet, naughty gifts to add a little extra spice to the bedroom, and some cute-as-heck gifts that are 10/10 on the adorable scale.

So, if you fancy striding into February 15th still in a relationship, we’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise to knock the socks off your girlfriend, wife, ball and chain, bae main squeeze, or netflix & chill partner for life. You’re welcome.

C Is For Cute

If there’s ever a time of the year to be a little bit cutesy and a whole lot adorable, it’s Cupid’s birthday. So, pull out all the stops, dive into our super cute and heartfelt range of Valentine’s Day gifts for her and find the perfect present to make her go ‘Aaaaaaw!’. Turn her into the real-life version of the heart eye emoji with one of our blue-nosed Tatty Teddy plushies, and show her just how pear-fect you think she is with our little loved up pears.

Give her some added sparkle with our delicate ‘I Love You to the Moon and Back’ star and moon silver bracelet. Or finally, if she’s partial to a plant and a pun, our ‘Olive You’ bean and book gift set is the perfect thing to show her just how much you love her.

Isn’t That Romantic?

The gloves are off and it’s time to get romantical: this Valentine’s Day it’s all about ‘dem dates, and spending some quality time just the two of you. So, whether it’s your first Valentine’s as a couple or your fiftieth, make her feel on top of the world with a thoughtful and romantic date themed gift.

If you like to add an element of chance to your dates, try our Date Night Money Jar and Dice gift set and let the dice decide. Sweep her off her feet with the gift that keeps on giving: our 100 Dates Scratch Poster. Or if you feel like earning some serious partner points, how about treating her to a whole year of her absolute dream dates with our Date Night Vouchers. Job’s a good’un.

Mug Gift Sets

It’s time to get hot and steamy. Whether your bae is the kinda gal to pour herself a cup of ambition, hot chocolate or gin, we’ve got just the mug that’ll make her say ‘Omg honey I love this mug so much, you are the best valentine ever, now come here and give me a massive snog’. We know right, mugs are magic.

You can treat your sea-gnificant other to a lovely lobster mug set, your pistachi-hoe to a nutty mug combo, or your paw-fect partner to a Lady & the Tramp Disney classic mug pair. So, whatever her style, we’ve got the perfect cuppa that will give her all the warm and fuzzies this year.

Sweet Treats and Fancy Fizz

Name a more iconic duo than champagne and chocolate. We’ll wait. There’s a reason why chocolate or champagne on Valentine’s Day are absolute classics, and as far as we’re concerned if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

We have a delicious and sparkly range of gift sets she’ll absolutely love, from Rose Gold Bottega and Pink Champagne Truffles, to Freixienet’s finest fizz, to the insanely smooth & creamy Montezumas Heart Shaped Valentine’s collection. So go on, treat her to something sweet this Valentine’s Day and show her how much you care. (And if you’re lucky, she might just share some of her chocolates with you!)

Gifts For the Flexible-ly Inclined

Because what’s sexier than someone who can touch their toes? Nothing. It’s time to show your valentine just how seriously you take hamstring flexibility with our extremely sultry and impossibly bendy selection of naughty gifts for her. If she’s equal parts film buff and just straight-up-buff, she’ll love our Movie Kama Sutra book, where you can reimagine all those famous movie scenes, but sexy.

If she’s a bit of a risk taker, our Kama Sutra Dice gift set will get her heart racing and blood pumping. And finally, if you want to put yourself right at the top of her to-do list (wink wink) you can get her our 100 Kama Sutra Positions Scratch Poster, and get to work straight away on ticking them all off together.

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