Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2019

Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2019

The moment has come. The head of the party planning committee has insisted, so you’ve put all the names in the office into a santa hat and you’ve pulled out...Linda from accounting. So it begins. The quest to find a thoughtful gift for someone you miiiight not know all that well. Drawing a blank? Don’t worry, we had a funny feeling this might happen, so we’ve put together a nifty list of the best secret santa gift ideas this Christmas. With something for every budget and every personality, Linda’s perfect present is just waiting to be found!

Gifts for the Ladies

We’ve got something for every kind of gal under the sun. If your secret santa is into art and rocks a mono-brow, our Frida Khalo puzzle is a win win. If she likes her sweets Irish (if you know what we mean) she’ll love our party selection of celebration cocktail gummies from Smith & Sinclair. If she is in the centre of the Venn diagram for ‘loves gin’ and ‘loves puns’, oh boy do we have the gin pun mug for her. Or finally, if all else fails, it’s scientifically proven that you can’t go wrong with a bottle of fizz and some glitzy gold bath bombs!

Gifts for the Gents

No matter whose name you’ve pulled, you can find the perfect present for him in our range of gifts for guys. From a luxury port sampling set if he appreciates the finer things in life, to fun & quirky chocolates if he has a sweet tooth, to the ultimate book of man facts if he’s a trivia king. Or, if you feel like turning your secret santa into a sockret santa (we know, we’re sorry) how about this fun and festive sock set from Happy Socks! Job’s a good’un.

Gifts for Everyone

And, since we aren’t living in the 1950s anymore where girls wear pink and boys wear blue, we have a great range of gifts for absolutely everyone to enjoy! Our Cartwright and Butler milk chocolate tin is perfect for anyone with taste buds, if you’ve got an animal-lover on your hands you can adopt them a penguin, and for the one person in the office whose ringtone is still smelly cat, our Friends trivial pursuit game is an absolute home run!

Gifts for £10 and Under

If you’re buying on a budget we’ve got a super fun range of little goodies that will go down a storm. From rainbow bath dust that will make the unicorn bath of their dreams a reality, to delicious novelty chocolate, to an inspired gin-twist on the classic beer pong game. And finally, if you’ve pulled the name of your office crush this year, it might be your one shot to tell them you love them. So, why not say it 3000 with an Ironman mug! And if it’s unrequited, it was only £9.

Still searching? Find something unique for every personality in our complete Christmas gifts range.

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