Funny Valentine's Gifts For Him

funny valentines gifts for him

Looking forward to Valentine’s Day, lovebirds? Of course you are!

But if you’re reading this, you’re also trying to figure out what to get your favourite mister for Valentine’s Day. Maybe they’ve told you they don’t want a present – but take it from us: they definitely do. Because, honestly, who doesn’t want presents?

So, if you’re looking for a fun gift for the man who’s always making you laugh, then look no further. Our gift gurus have hand-picked a selection of unique, funny Valentine’s Day gifts for gentlemen of all tastes.

1. Game of Thrones Stark Embossed Stein Mug

Winter is coming! Celebrate your love’s proud support for House Stark with this fantastic Game of Thrones Embossed Stein Mug. It’s strong and sturdy (just like your relationship), and it looks just like it was carved from hardy northern oak. Perfect for when your partner is getting a bit chilly defending The Wall and wants to relax with a nice hot cuppa.

This brilliantly bold mug features the iconic Stark wolf, a big, sturdy handle and the ‘Winter is Coming’ house motto. It’s a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift for any Game of Thrones fan.

2. The Scratch and Sniff Guide to Beer: A Beer Lover’s Companion

Scratch and sniff beer! This Scratch and Sniff Guide to Beer is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your favourite beer buff – a scratch and sniff guide to their favourite beverage.

Let your lover explore the world of ingredients and aromas in beers by simply scratching and sniffing. But it’s not all smells – from pilsners to pale ales, this book covers all the essential knowledge to truly appreciate a brew: from different kinds of hops, to pairing the perfect food with your pint.

A great gift for any guy who takes their craft beer seriously. Just get ready to spend a lot more time browsing craft beer section of the supermarket...

3. You’re My Lobster T-Shirt

“She's your lobster. C'mon you guys. It's a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You can actually see old lobster couples, walking around their tank, you know, holding claws. ... See? He's her lobster!”

The immortal words of Phoebe Buffay in Friends! This wisdom helps Ross realise that he’s truly meant to be with Rachel.

So when someone’s your lobster, it means they’re the person who you’re meant to be with forever. Share that love with the Ross in your life, and treat them to this funny You’re My Lobster T-Shirt. With a cute, quirky design and space for you to upload a romantic photo of you both, this is a lovely surprise for the lobster in your life.

3. The Couples Quiz Board Game

Challenge your lover in this hilarious competitive board game. Prove you’re the best partner in the world by correctly answering as many questions as you can about your better half.

The Couples Quiz Board Game is loads of fun for just the two of you, and a lot of laughs when you go up against other couples. With 250 questions to answer, expect some surprises!

4. Beer Hawk Hoegaarden Perfect Draft Bundle

Does your man think he can still pull? (Pints, of course). Time to let your man prove he’s still got it with this amazing Beer Hawk Hoegaarden Perfect Draft Bundle.

This beer dispenser is a brilliant Valentine’s Day gift for anyone who’d love to have a fresh, chilled, bar-quality draught beer on tap at home, which is pretty much everyone. There’s no gas cylinders or any of that complicated business to worry about, just plug in the included six-litre keg of Hoegaarden and let the beers flow!

A fabulously thoughtful present for beer buffs, treat them to this little beauty and they’ll be delighted.

5. Happy Socks Valentine’s Day Heart Socks

Happy feet, happy heart! These Happy Socks Valentine’s Day Heart Socks with a selection of loved-up prints are made from soft, long-lasting combed cotton, and will delight the feet of your loved one.

Go on, say I love you this Valentine's Day with these printed socks. They're sweet, unique and will definitely put a smile on your man’s face.

6. 52 Things To Do While You Screw Comedy Book

Ever felt like you could be doing something productive while you’re doing it? Clearly, you’re not alone – add a little variety to the bedroom with this hilarious 52 Things To Do While You Screw Book.

This book is a perfect present for the partner who’s always making you laugh, this cheeky little book is chock full of naughty games, facts and quotes to entertain, amuse and arouse.

7. The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company I Love You Pizza

Now this is how you tell someone I love you – with The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company I Love You Pizza. This hilarious and unique sweet treat is a ‘pizza’ made from decadent Belgian milk chocolate, sprinkled with red chocolate drops, milk and white chocolate coated crispy malt balls, and white chocolate curls. And to top it all off, a pair of handmade milk and white chocolate hearts are placed in the centre.

This is a deliciously indulgent surprise for your partner on Valentine’s Day! And your love is obviously going to share it with you for being so thoughtful, aren’t they? Obviously.

8. 'To My Favourite Person' Personalised Prosecco

Maybe it’s the prosecco talking, but here at Moonpig we think he’s very lucky to have you.

This ‘To My Favourite Person’ Personalised Prosecco is a fantastically thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for a fella who appreciates the finer things in life. There are three label designs to choose from, guaranteed to make your Valentine feel extra loved-up on the special day.

9. Brass Coated Nutcracker Legs

Does your man have a rude sense of humour? Then these Nutcracker Legs is going to go down a treat. Besides being shaped like a pair of legs, it’s got a fancy brass coating and is perfect for cracking nuts. (No, not that kind!)

A cheeky little Valentine’s Day gift for any man who loves a good laugh.

10. First Dates: The Game

Share the hilarious awkwardness of the First Dates TV programme with your partner. (Minus the sexy French waiter, unfortunately!)

In First Dates: The Game, you and your ‘date’ get asked a series of seriously awkward questions, with sexy (and funny) results. Meanwhile, all the other couples playing along with you get to guess your answers. Perfect for dinner parties or trips down the pub!

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