Disney’s Frozen 2 Gift Guide

Disney’s Frozen 2 Gift Guide

Unless you’ve been living under an icicle rock, you’ll know that Frozen 2, the sequel to the ice-cold hit of the decade, is finally hitting our screens this month! You’ve spent the last six years with a certain song on repeat, but it’s time for ‘Let it Go’ to move over, Disney has some new catchy ballads for us all to love. To celebrate we have some brand new presents for the ice-obsessed in our amazing Frozen 2 gift range!


Elsa is the world’s favourite ice queen with the fishtail plait of our dreams. So, for your very own Elsa fan, we have just the gifts they will absolutely love, from plushies and POP figurines, all the way to mugs and balloons. You can find the perfect thing to put a massive smile on their face with a little bit of Elsa magic.


Anna might just be the single most relatable Disney character ever created, and now, for the first time in forever, we’ve got a range of gifts that will charm them just as much as our red-haired princess! Everything from adorable plushies, cute mugs, and a super chic water bottle that will keep their drinks ice cold all day long. Brrr-illiant!


In honour of the lovable snowman who likes warm hugs, has the voice of an angel and would willingly melt for you, we have some amazing gifts that will warm their hearts. They’ll find a cuddle companion for life in the Olaf plushie, whilst the Olaf light can brighten up their room and their day. And don’t even get us started on how completely adorable our 3D Olaf mug is! There’s absolutely snowone else like Olaf.


Reindeers are better than people, and Sven is the best of them all. He’s Kristoff’s noble steed with a huge heart, but since reindeers are a slightly impractical pet in real life, we’ve got the next best thing for the Disney-fan in your life: the adorable Sven plushie toy, and the even more adorable Sven POP figurine! The perfect animated-equine gifts for your special little ones!

Frozen Cards

We’ve also got a range of brand new Frozen 2 cards they’ll love! So, whether it’s for your niece or nephew, son or daughter, or your Frozen-obsessed friends, we’ve got the perfect card to make their day!

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