Find Your Football Calm With Our Exclusive Incense Cards

world cup football cards

The World Cup Football stressing them out? Incensed at another bizarre VAR decision? Harry and the boys not firing on all cylinders? Introducing Moonpig’s exclusive, limited edition range of calm-inducing ‘incense cards’, for the distressed football fan who just can’t switch off.

football scented cards

world cup football scented cards

These game-changing, smooth-smelling cards are made of paper infused with calming essential oils which, when set alight, release aromatic bursts of serenity, helping combat all known forms of football-related anxiety.

funny football cards

funny football cards

Developed by boffins here at Moonpig, the football cards come in four aromas, guaranteed to bring a state of zen-like calm to the most incensed fans:

Cedarwood, which works as a sedative and has the power to relieve stress and tension. This football card is perfect for any pre-game nerves.

Rosemary, reduces muscle tension, stress, and any urge to kick the telly during the football game.

Sandalwood, is said to promote mental clarity - perfect for when a last-minute tactical switch-up is required. 

Ylang Ylang, works as an anti-depressant combating sadness, chronic stress, and disappointing scorelines.


Read the below instructions before lighting your football incense card: 

  1. Read the instructional sticker on the cellophane card sleeve, then remove the card.
  2. Open your football card.
  3. Place your card standing vertically on top of the open tin and in an area that is well ventilated and will not blow over and away from anything flammable and children and pets. 
  4. We recommend placing it on a stable surface in a large space and away from any smoke alarms.
  5. Carefully light the TOP CORNER of your card (where it says ‘ignite here’) with a match or lighter. When the flame reaches the dotted line, carefully blow the flame out.
  6. Once lit, do not leave your card unattended or in reach of flammable materials, children, and pets. 
  7. Enjoy the incense aroma that your card gives off (note: enjoy the aroma at a distance and do not directly inhale). 
  8. In order to extinguish the card, stub the lit area against the metal tin, then run under cold water.