First Father’s Day Presents to Thank Tired-Out New Dads

Being a new dad is a whirlwind of a time. Bonding with your baby, taking in those magical first smiles and adapting to a whole new family dynamic, it brings a lot of hard work and plenty of sleepless nights. Most importantly, being able to call yourself ‘dad’ to another person is the greatest honour of all. In a year full of milestones, receiving his first Father’s Day gifts can be a truly memorable moment. If you’re stuck for ideas to mark this special day, don’t fear, Moonpig has plenty of inspiration for you.

WTF Am I Doing Notepad

For most dads, the phrase “WTF am I doing?” will probably be uttered plenty of times in the months after welcoming their first child. Whether they’re figuring out how to put on a nappy, wrestling with baby at bath time or trying to work out what each different cry means, there is going to be plenty of times when they have no idea what they’re doing. This WTF Am I Doing Notepad will help keep dad’s thoughts together when he’s sleep-deprived and over-worked.

100 Movies Scratch Off Movie List

At the end of an exhausting day, with the baby tucked up in bed for the night, there’s nothing better than lying down on the sofa and enjoying some escapism with your other half. With baby taking centre stage, making sure you spend some time together to nurture your relationship is important. The 100 Movies Scratch Off Movie List is a great way to source entertainment for those quiet nights in when you just want to curl up and disappear into one of the greatest movies ever made.

Personalised Blended Whisky

Chances are, dad is absolutely doting on his new bundle of joy, however, this doesn’t mean he won’t sometimes need a stiff drink at the end of the day. A bottle of Personalised Blended Whisky is the ideal gift to toast the new addition, helping dad relax after a busy day of cleaning up sick and drowning in nappies. Plus, it’s a great personalised keepsake to remember his special first Father’s Day present.

Uppercut Combo Kit Pomade

Plenty of late nights and early mornings can take a toll on dad’s appearance. After his priorities shift from keeping his hair styled and beard trimmed to squeezing a wriggling baby into an outfit and emptying nappy bins, he can easily forget to take care of himself. An Uppercut Combo Kit Pomade will help remind him to get his locks in order and start to look like a fab dad again.

Rise and Shine Coffee & Food Gift Box

No matter how sleep deprived he may be, it’s always best to start his day on the right foot. The Rise and Shine Coffee & Food Gift Box provide dad with all the ingredients he needs to get himself set for the day. With granola to provide a healthy refuel and a choice of tea or coffee to inject that all-important caffeine boost, this gift box could be a lifesaver after yet another sleepless night.

Parenting The Sh*t Out of Life Book

For dad’s who are still eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child, it’s a great idea to get them a little something to help them prepare. The Parenting The Sh*t Out of Life Book is full of tips and tricks for parents to be. Coming straight from the Pukkas, the book shares the wonder and woes of their journey into parenthood.

Despite the hard work and stressful times, having a child is a truly magical experience. Helping dad remember the first year with the perfect first Father’s Day present from the apple of his eye will make it a memorable occasion. Just head to our Father’s Day page for more Father’s Day ideas.

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