Fathers Day Gift Guide

It’s not easy being a dad. Sometimes they make it look easy, whether it’s a magical fix on our bicycle when we were kids or managing to fall asleep in a room full of screaming grandkids. You shouldn’t underestimate how tough the job is though. If you’re buying for your own dad, a doting grandfather or the father of your children, Father’s Day is the perfect time of year to show them how much you appreciate them.

At Moonpig, we believe that giving a gift is much more than a token gesture, it’s the opportunity to show that person how you really feel and how much you care about them. That’s why we’ve carefully put together a selection Father’s Day gift ideas to help make dad feel truly special this year.

Chocolate Biscuit Tin

He might frustrate us by hogging the TV remote but us kids all know that, after a hard shift mowing the lawn, dad loves nothing more than putting his feet up with a cup of tea - and what goes better with that tea than a good biscuit? The Cartwright & Butler Milk Chocolate Chunk Tin gives dad the perfect brew-time accompaniment. What’s more, it comes in a tin that can be re-used, giving dad somewhere to keep everything from spare screws to other treats he wants to keep secret from the rest of the family!

Light Reading

Whether dad is hiding out in the garden shed or spending some quiet time on the loo, having something to read can bring dad a moment of calm. After a long day of dad chores, why not keep him entertained on the porcelain with 52 Things To Do While You Poo? Alternatively, a book of Man Facts might be the perfect way to impress the family with his knowledge of all things manly.

For His Sweet Tooth

We all know how much dad enjoys raiding the cupboards when we’ve all gone to bed. To save your own treats being wolfed down, give dad his own Chocolate Lover Letterbox Gift to help satisfy his cravings. Or for the football-mad dad, you could kill two birds with one stone by gifting him his own Chocolate Football Pizza. After all, what better way to say “thanks for everything” than a load of chocolate?

Something to Bond With

Father’s Day is all about thanking our dads for everything they do for us. whether you’re 15 or 50, finding a gift that you can both use together is a great excuse for some bonding. The Millennium Falcon Construction Kit is a brilliant project for Star Wars mad families to work on together. If you’re worried that a tricky building project might test your parent-child bond, a Motion Control Quadcopter Drone could be the perfect alternative (to billions of little pieces all over the floor - or maybe something to that effect)?.

Beer Beer Beer!

With Father’s Day falling in June, gifting dad with some ice-cold beers to crack open and enjoy in the sun is a definite winning idea. If your dad thinks of himself as a craft beer connoisseur, the Beerhawk Award-Winning British Ales pack will give him plenty to taste and review. You could even make it a touch more special with an Exclusive Personalised Hogs Back Beer Trio.

Help Dad Look Great

Our father figures might often be better known for their tougher side, be it play fighting on the sofa or replacing that flat tyre, however, they also love to look and feel good. What better way to give him a bit of pampering time than with a Mo Bros Beard Grooming Kit. His salt and pepper beard will be right on point. After a hard day of being the best dad in the world, a long soak in the bath could be just the ticket. This Scottish Fine Soaps ‘Luxurious’ Bath Set enriched with thistle and black pepper will help dad truly relax in the tub.

Whether it’s a father, step-dad, grandfather, or any other male role model in your life, Father’s Day is the perfect chance to show them your gratitude for everything they do. To find the perfect Father’s Day gift ideas, just head to our Father’s Day Gift page.

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