Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide 2018

baby's first christmas gift guide

You thought you knew the magic of Christmas. Of course you did. But new parents, take a deep breath – and then another chomp of that mince pie – your new arrival is about to change everything. Your baby’s first Christmas is the stuff true memories are made of, and we want to help you make it as precious as possible. Discover our heart-melting baby gift guide, curated to put your new arrival at the heart of the festivities.

Classic Christmas Gifts For Babies

Newborn babies. They’re a tricky little bunch to buy for. Whether you’re looking for something for your own bundle of joy or seeking the perfect Christmas present for mum, dad, and their new arrival, we’ve got the goods to give Old Saint Nick a run for his money. From building blocks to soon-to-be-favourite teddies, super-soft characters to cosy comforters, Christmas baby gifts don’t come much cuter than this. Sorry Santa.

Tiny Traditions For a 1st Christmas

No moments are worth savouring like a baby’s first Christmas. Full of magic, delight, and a sprinkling of firsts, this is where those little traditions begin. Helping make those moments as special as possible, we’ve handpicked the pieces to bring an extra shine to the festivities. From baby’s first Christmas baubles to toybox tinkerings - these are the gifts made to make memories that last a lifetime.

Fancy Footwear For Little Feet

Two words. Baby. Booties. Because when cuteness calls, tiny toesies are always the answer. And what better occasion to treat teeny feet than at Christmas? Our collection of baby boots are the crème de la crème of fun-sized footwear, and are guaranteed hit come Christmas morning. With dinky designs from the likes of Peter Rabbit and The Gruffalo, baby’s first steps at Christmas couldn’t be in better paws.

Soft Toys and Teddy Bears

Perfect to stuff in a stocking, we’d bet you can't find something more cute and classic to present to a little one on Christmas day than My First Flopsy. Childhood teddies hold a special place in everyone’s heart. Because whilst a cuddle from mummy or daddy is great, a snuggle with your favourite bear can sometimes be just the ticket. Introduce the little one in your life to their new bestie this Christmas with our all-embracing range of instantly loveable, super-soft toys and teddies. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of hugs to go around!

Christmas Treasures and Keepsakes

To give a truly thoughtful present is an act of kindness. And so, during the merry season is when to present something truly special for a baby's first Christmas. Something to be treasured. Whether it’s an adorable money box to store pennies for a rainy day (don’t forget to throw a coin in for luck), or a silver plated photo frame to capture those Christmas memories, a keepsake is a charming addition to their nursery. Discover the keepsakes to help mum and dad capture those intimate moments with our cherished collection of timeless baby gifts. From Disney's My First Year Photo Frame to our baby handprint gift kit, it will be the gifts of this first year that will last a lifetime.

Books and Bedtime Stories for Babies

Sleep. Slumber. The land of nod. A dream-worthy doze needs the right story to take you there. That means building your bouncing babe a little library to fill every corner of their imagination. Whether they favour the ravenous appetite of The Hungry Caterpillar, or the giggle-factory of fun that comes with the adventures of Mr. Tickle, we have the very best baby books and bedtime stories to enchant children this Christmas – and beyond.

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