At we are always on the lookout for new design, humour and inspirational talent. If you have created a range of cards that you think would be suitable for us, please send them to us with a short covering letter.

Please read carefully our submission guidelines below before submitting. We do receive a lot of submissions requests but we review every submission and if we like what we see, we will contact you to discuss the next steps in featuring on Moonpig. Where possible, please submit work via email. If you still wish to send a postal submission you must include a stamped addressed envelope so we can safely return it back to you if necessary.

Best of luck, and we look forward to seeing your ideas.

Some things to consider

  1. Read up. Take some time to research Have a look around the site and decide if your work would be suitable for us before submitting.
  2. Personalisation. A lot of people forget that this is what we are all about! Before submitting an idea to us, think about how it could be personalised on the site.
  3. Know your market. Ask yourself if you think your work is appropriate for the greeting card industry? What makes it stand out from the crowd, what occasion and type of customer are your products aimed at?
  4. Presentation. First impressions are important. We always look through every submission sent to us, but you stand a much higher chance of being considered if your work is well presented and your ideas clearly explained.
  5. Limitations. Since we are a digital printer, we are unable to produce hand finished, glitter, foil, die-cut or multiple-fold designs, so please bear this in mind when submitting work.
  6. Verse. Sorry but we do not accept verse submissions.
  7. Photography. Sorry but we do not accept photography submissions.
  8. Concept Submissions. If you have a new idea or business proposal, please send a detailed product description via email or post and if this is of interest we will be in contact.

Contact Details

Email Submissions
Please send email submissions to

Please note that when sending ideas via email artwork should be attached in JPG, PDF or TIFF formats only. We can only accept emails with up to 9 megabytes of attachments.

Postal Submissions
Postal submissions are accepted, however email is preferable. If you do wish to send in an idea by post, please make sure you enclose a stamped addressed envelope so we can return your samples to you if we need to. If possible, it is advisable to send photocopies, photographs or transparencies rather than original artwork in case it gets lost in the post.

Please send all postal submissions to:

Units 102-108
30 Great Guildford Street
London, SE1 0HS
United Kingdom